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6637 Hastings Street
Burnaby, British Columbia
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Due to COVID-19 we have limited in-person office hours. Please contact the studio at 604.299.6111 for the most current schedule or contact us via e-mail.

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Spotlight Dance Centre offers a comprehensive curriculum in the performing arts, meeting the needs of preschoolers to young adults, beginners to professionals. Individual programs have specific requirements for attire.

NEW! Online Classes
Online classes are a great way to continue with your child’s extracurricular education from the safety of home. All programs are catered to limited space and using things readily available from home.

NEW! Day Camp
Day camp gives children school aged a taste of dance, music, arts and crafts. Great class for homeschooled children or those participating in a half days school program.

Ballet is the basis of all dance. The fundamentals of ballet are necessary to create strong, dynamic dancers. For youngsters starting at 4 years old, we strongly emphasize the necessity of at least one weekly ballet class. This builds up to five classes per week for students interested in developing their talent and performing skills.


Creative Dance
Spotlight offers a 45-minute once per week program for children aged 3 years. The class is a mixture of ballet, singing and games and runs for 10 months. Children will develop motor skills, co-ordination, rhythm, listening skills, spatial awareness and movement vocabulary through music, songs and games. Your child will build confidence and be encouraged to explore his/her own imagination and creativity through movement. Pre-dance is an excellent foundation for progression into the pre-primary levels.


Royal Academy of Dance (R.A.D.) Ballet Exams
Offered to all ballet students aged 5 years and up. Exams are taken in the Fall. In order to be eligible to take exams students must attend a required number of classes.

Grades 1, 2
Grades 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8    
Major Exams
1 class per week
1 class per week
2 classes per week
3 classes per week
4 classes per week (minimum)

An R.A.D. Workshop will be held the first week of September. All ballet students intending to take an exam are required to attend this workshop. Each dancer polishes her/ his Grade level technique during this week.


A style of dance with free and natural movements, making use of dimensions of space. This class is for students 12 & up with minimum 4 years training in ballet.


Jazz is an exciting form of dance offered to students 6 years and up. Using the latest music, dancers develop coordination, musicality flexibility and strength. Each class includes a warm-up, centre-floor technique, across-the-floor patterns and a final combination.


Tap dance is a fun form of dance offered to students aged 5 years and up. Tap develops excellent coordination, style musicality. Dancers develop a repertoire that is both expressive and fun.

Hip Hop
Hip Hop is a stylized form of dance. Both beginners and advanced dancers can enjoy this funky street jazz. Must be 9 years or older.

Hip Hop

Musical Theatre
Musical Theatre is the combination of singing, acting and dance. This year, we will offer students from 8 to 18 years the opportunity to experience the fun and excitement of learning routines from popular musicals. The student must be registered in at least one jazz class to take musical theatre.

Musical Theatre
Contemporary movement is about experimentation and innovation. Taking basic modern technique and playing with new ways of movement. Open for dancers age 5 and up.
Acro class is aimed at building core strength and flexibility. Dancers will learn basic gymnastics style movements with an emphasis on stretch and strength. It is open to dancers 5 and up.
Competitive Classes
Competitive Classes have been created to develop performance skills in talented students. These students will participate in competitions, festivals and community events. Students who show good technical skills and a dedicated interest are selected to join these groups.

Piano Classes
Instructor: Deborah Marino
Piano classes are available to students 5 years and up. We offer the Royal Conservatory Syllabus which is designed for those who wish to prepare for the graded examinations. There is also a graded syllabus system designed for the child who plays for enjoyment but still needs a challenge. Registration and fees for piano lessons will be handled directly by the teacher.

Voice Program
Instructor: Dana LUDER
Private singing lessons are by audition only.
Costume fees are due by November 30. For recreational students, full payment is required at this time. Costume deposits for competitive students must be paid by this date.
Shoes, shoes, shoes!
At Spotlight Dance Centre we have a recycling program for dance shoes. If your child has outgrown his/her shoes, please bring them in and we will sell them for you. You might even find a used pair for your child!